The Ionian villas overlook the Ionian Sea from the hill in the Stoufeika location, in Volimes of Zakynthos.
The region is well-known for its natural beauty, its picturesque landscapes and the crystal clear blue waters of its beaches.  Still untouched by the cosmopolitan, it offers the ideal solution to nature lovers and those who wish to relax and rest during their vacation.
In Agios Nikolaos, only 5km from the villas, you can do your shopping, take the daily boat for Kefalonia, or rent a boat and visit the Shipwreck and the Blue Caves.  You can also dock your own boat in the port’s marina.
The Askos stone park lies 3 kilometers away, and is an ideal place for nature lovers. The Askos Park hosts approximately 200,000 indigenous plants, shrubs and trees, just exactly as mother nature chose to arrange them. At the same time you will see hundreds of animals living free in their natural environment, many species of wild hawks, the island’s representative mammals, various species of birds, amphibians, insects and all species of indigenous animals.
The most famous beaches of the region are Makris Gialos, Xigia with its hot springs and Agios Nikolaos. There are also many small beaches, unknown to the crowds. You can enjoy their blue-green, crystal waters and spend carefree moments under the sun.
A variety of restaurants and traditional taverns in the entire region will offer moments of rest and refreshment as soon as you need it.

Distance from the Villas
28km, Town of Zakynthos
30km, airport
5km, Agios Nikolaos port
5km, Agios Nikolaos beach
5.5km, Xigia beach
4km, Makris Gialos beach
5km, Agios Nikolaos marina
5km, from port for Kefalonia
3 miles from Agios Nikolaos to Blue Caves
10 miles from Agios Nikolaos to the Shipwreck
7km, to see the Shipwreck from up high
4km, from the Peligoni Watersport Club
10km, Agios Georgios Monasteri
4km, Volimes
3km, Askos stone park
10km, Alykes
12km, waterslides
500m, closest Minimarket
There is a Bus Stop at the entrance of the villa

A multifaceted island: cosmopolitan beaches, traditional mountainous villages, romantic serenades; it enchants from the very first moment.
Old buildings and arched roads, castellated bell towers and historical churches, the cosmopolitan town and the beautiful squares. These are a few of the reasons for the thousands of visitors visiting the island each year, which has led to its rapid development over the past years.
The island is located on the west end of Greece, Northwest of Peloponnesus.
It lies 8.5 nautical miles from Kefalonia, 9.5 miles from Peloponnesus and 300 kilometres from Athens.
Latitude: Β 37.47 - Longitude: Α 20,54

Zakynthos is full of contradictions. The north and west part are the most mountainous. The east part is lowland. The island is particularly rich in flora and fauna. The frequent rainfalls create a rich, lush green environment of trees and forests.
Migratory turtle doves stop over in these forests every year.
The National marine park of Zakynthos is located at the island's south beaches, where the Caretta-Caretta sea turtle lives and reproduces. The Monachus-Monachus seal lives on the west beaches.