The Ionian Villas complex is located on a plot covering 7 stremmas. During its construction, the owners took particular care and respect towards the island’s history and heritage. It consists of two fully independent and autonomous enclosed two-storey villas, of traditional architecture, each with a private pool, named Aeolus and Calypso.

The complex is surrounded by a traditional stone-built quay, and it is accessed through the central entrance gate. The distances between the villas and their orientation protect the private life of their guests.
The villas are identical from the outside, and their only interior difference is the number of bedrooms. Villa Aeolus has three bedrooms and Villa Calypso, four.
The terraces of the villas ensure an amazing view to the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia, Peloponnesus and mainland Greece.

The exterior areas are constructed on different levels, have stone built floors at their greatest part, and are decorated with flowerbeds, old jars and many olive trees.
Each villa has a swimming pool in front, offering moments of refreshment and relaxation. The pool has an umbrella and sun beds, there is a shower at the entrance of the villa, while the parking lot is shady and spacious.

At the Mikro Nisi location you can find the famous and much photographed tavern of the same name, owned by the villa owners. It is a registered trademark of Zakynthian cuisine. A hangout for many locals and visitors, offering day and night unforgettable gastronomic delights. The secret of its success are the local fresh products and traditional recipes.
You will find many more taverns, where except for fresh fish you can enjoy local traditional delicacies and much more.